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October 2016

Called vs. Qualified

Are leaders born or made? People have debated the question for centuries. The “Great Man” theory of leadership supported the “born” argument. The “Skills Theory” later suggested that leadership principles can be learned. Are the most effective leaders naturally outgoing,... Continue Reading →

Leadership Development

"Leadership doesn't have a systematic theology, but if it did, one article of faith would be: It's a sin to put changed people back into an unchanged organization." (Bennis & Thomas, Leading for a Lifetime: p.175) If we are serious... Continue Reading →


"In the crucible, to paraphrase former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher, iron enters the soul and turns to steel." (Bennis & Thomas, Leading for a Lifetime: 108) Crucibles are those events in our lives that stretch our capacity, our confidence,... Continue Reading →

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