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November 2016

Turbulent Seas

GUEST AUTHOR:  Dr. Steve Strombeck serves Jessup as Professor of Marketing and Director of the MBA program. Leadership character more commonly develops through turbulent seas, than through quiet ones. The fierce gale of wind that God brought down on the... Continue Reading →

Giving Up Power

Churches, like companies, frequently have their CEO - someone who calls the shots. That person may select the paint color for the nursery, as well as approve the worship song selection. They have their hands in everything and on everything.... Continue Reading →

The Power of ‘The Only’

As a woman of color in higher education, I have grown used to being “the only”—the only person of color and/or woman in rooms of power. This is not unique to academic institutions. The novelty of someone like myself in... Continue Reading →

Friday Quote

"Leadership is not about the next election, it's about the next generation." - Simon Sinek The 2016 U.S. Presidential election has been one of the most polarizing in history.  Now that the results are in, perhaps it's fitting for Christian... Continue Reading →

A leader I know…

I am having trouble with a leader I know. Sometimes, he just refuses to change, even when the evidence is right before him. It is not that his attitude is impossible to live with. Over the years, I have grown... Continue Reading →

Leadership Quote

As long as you have breath, God’s purpose for your life is not yet finished. He has so much more for you to do. Dungy & Whitaker, The Mentor Leader, p.52 You have unique opportunities to positively impact others today. ... Continue Reading →

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