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March 2017

Friday Quote

"In almost every case, the factors that eventually undermine us are shadows of the ones that contribute to our success." Overcoming the Dark Side of Leadership (McIntosh & Rima, 2007, p. 22) What motivations are driving you toward success in... Continue Reading →

Acknowledging Brokenness

  In a recent post, I suggested three practical steps to addressing burnout (and potential isolation) in leadership: Leaders must own their past areas of brokenness and address them. They must find healthy ways to express emotions, and safe places... Continue Reading →

Friday Quote

"The role of leaders is not to get other people to follow them but to empower other people to lead." -- Bill George, Discover Your True North: 56 Is your leadership (at the home, the church, or the marketplace) about... Continue Reading →

Clocks & Compasses

When Avon's Executive VP Andrea Jung was passed over for CEO at age 39, her board member Ann Moore, then CEO of Time Inc., gave her some great advice: "Follow your compass and not your clock." Leaders regularly have clocks... Continue Reading →

3for3 Interview – Ryan Haynes

Greetings Leaders! This week - our team opted to launch something new - an opportunity for you to periodically hear from people of influence about lessons learned in leadership and ministry. We kick off our new "3for3" Series with William Jessup... Continue Reading →

Friday Quote

"The day soldiers stop bringing you their problems is the day you have stopped leading them. They have either lost confidence that you can help them or concluded that you do not care. Either case is a failure of leadership."... Continue Reading →

Kids and Leadership

Kids make great leaders. What? Often I hear leadership development addressed as an adult topic, among adults, with adults. But that is not the whole story. While walking with my wife one morning, we cut through an elementary school corridor.... Continue Reading →

Friday Quote

If we as leaders don’t acknowledge our own brokenness, we will project the subtle lie that maturity means “having it all together.” - Bill Shereos One of the greatest challenges of leadership is resisting the urge to always have the... Continue Reading →

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