Happy Tuesday!

This is the 2nd in our “3for3” Series, where we simply ask leaders 3 leadership questions in 3 minutes – lending insight into practical, everyday leadership. Today’s interview is with our friend and brother, Pastor Lance Hahn.

Lance has been the senior pastor of Bridgeway Christian Church since 1997. A gifted Bible teacher, Lance is known for his ability to communicate God’s truth with accuracy and humor. In addition to pastoral ministry, Lance is an author, radio teacher, and conference speaker. He has been married to Suzi since 1995, and they have two daughters (Jillian and Andie) and one pooch, Bella. Lance holds a B.A. from Sacramento State University and an M.Div. from Western Seminary. When he’s not at church, Lance is an avid collector (sports cards, comic books, vinyl records, and other things), a major movie buff, and a big fan of the beach.

Enjoy these insights from a faithful leader!