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December 2017

Merry Christmas from Jessup Leadership!

Greetings from Jessup Leadership! We've reached the end of another year. Before taking a break for the holidays, we wanted to express our genuine thanks for your partnership over the past year. Thank you for joining us in the dialogue... Continue Reading →

Friday Quote

  “I’m continually amazed at how even extremely high performers’ lives are often still controlled in some way by their family-of-origin or in-law relationships. I wish we had some cosmic algorithm that actually revealed how much lost performance comes from... Continue Reading →

Connection and Leadership

Some leadership characteristics never change.  The need for vision casting, strategic planning, and motivation are a few among many. At this Christmas season, I am thinking of a leadership characteristic that marks the very God of Christmas—connection. Emmanuel is God... Continue Reading →

Giving and Receiving

On a recent Tuesday in November, amidst a hectic semester, something unexpected assaulted my week. I enjoy cycling, and a complication from a crash 18 months back surfaced out of nowhere. Pain ravaged my hip, eventually driving me to crutches... Continue Reading →

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