“I’m continually amazed at how even extremely high performers’ lives are often still controlled in some way by their family-of-origin or in-law relationships. I wish we had some cosmic algorithm that actually revealed how much lost performance comes from people having to continually negotiate the intrusion of family-of-origin conditioning and interference into their businesses, careers, marriages, parenting styles, life choices, and the like. It literally becomes crippling to even some of the most talented people out there. In these situations, even if the adult umbilical cord is providing food, it’s charging exorbitant rent.” ― Henry Cloud, The Power of the Other

It has been said that “wherever we go, there we are.”  Self-understanding is more than a cute phrase. It requires a person perform a reality check somewhere along the way.  This quote by Henry Cloud identifies the problem, and with help from God, friends, and a little courage on our part, we can grow through these challenges.  Hopefully, we become more empathetic with others facing their own family of origin issues as well.