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November 2018

There’s No “i” in Team

As a senior in college and young worship leader, I faced a complex leadership challenge. Tasked with assembling and shepherding several worship teams for a large Christian University in Southern California, my charge was to develop bands that represented our... Continue Reading →

Leadership and Introverts

Someone jokingly said to me recently: "I've always thought there are two kinds of people in this world; extroverts and those who want to be." Predictably, it was an extrovert who made the quip. However, this is not far from... Continue Reading →

Leadership & Memory

We've all lost sleep replaying the hurts and offences we experienced yesterday and rehearsing a hard conversation that we anticipate the next day. Sometimes the two are related. Yesterday's wound sometimes means tomorrow's confrontation. But memories and perceptions (even recent... Continue Reading →

Policy & Productivity

It's easy (but shortsighted) to assess leadership purely on the basis of policy and productivity. The recent mid-term politicking here in the United States provides a classic case-study. We tend to gravitate towards leaders who share our views (policies) or... Continue Reading →

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