Dear friends, it has been a while since Daniel Gluck or I have posted leadership insights and things we’re learning here. More is brewing.

Meanwhile, I wanted to make you aware of three podcasts on transformational leadership that I have recorded this year with different groups. If you are a podcaster, one of these might be of interest to you.

Jessup Think podcast (1/23/19) — Hosted by Dr. Mark Moore, we got to chat about “Transformational Leadership” back on 1/23/19. You can find it here.

Curious Church podcast (4/3/19) — a casual and fun conversation with Matt and Aaron about everyday leadership that you can find here (Episode 38).

Manage 2 Win podcast (with video) (11/6/19) — Yes, just this week … five short episodes here.

Blessings as continue the journey of “producing change and building lives, through authenticity, inspiration, empathy, and innovation” … in your homes, churches, and workplaces, and communities!

David Timms