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Daniel Gluck

Daniel has served in higher education for most of his career. Before joining the faculty, he served as Jessup’s Director of Campus Ministries, starting with the Rocklin campus opening in 2004. Here, he was instrumental in expanding chapel, discipleship and outreach programs around the globe. Additionally, he served as adjunct faculty in several academic disciplines. Daniel holds a Ph.D. in Nonprofit Organizational Leadership from Eastern University, PA. He spent several months in Kenya, East Africa, conducting research on the Church’s role in peacemaking and ethnic reconciliation. Daniel’s now serves as Associate Professor and Lead Faculty for the B.A. in Christian Leadership in Jessup's School of Theology and Leadership. His academic expertise includes Organizational Leadership, Practical Ministry, African History, Peacemaking Studies, International Development and Music. He is passionate about the impact of intercultural trends on areas across the curriculum. Daniel has worked extensively with nonprofits, serving in over 30 countries worldwide. Additionally, he is a frequent presenter at churches, retreats and conferences. Daniel lives in Roseville with his wife Alyssa, and three children.

There’s No “i” in Team

As a senior in college and young worship leader, I faced a complex leadership challenge. Tasked with assembling and shepherding several worship teams for a large Christian University in Southern California, my charge was to develop bands that represented our... Continue Reading →

Growth Mindset

Joshua was a typical firstborn child. He approached life cautiously, didn’t stray far from mommy, and was ever observing. His young parents (my wife and I) reinforced these tendencies. Despite our fears of the hazards he may encounter, we chose... Continue Reading →

God Created…

You’re know you’re getting old when you find yourself rapt by public television… While flipping through channels recently, I saw images of an African culture called the Maasai (moss-eye) and became immediately riveted. The Maasai reside close to the birthplace of humankind... Continue Reading →

New Wineskins

I know little about wine… Sure, I’ve tasted it, but I probably couldn’t tell you whether it is dry or sweet, or has hints of oak or mulberry. Wine is primarily made from grapes; different varieties bring out diverse flavors.... Continue Reading →

The Bottom Line

Business leaders have long talked about “the bottom line.” In for-profit ventures, increasing shareholder wealth reigns supreme. Money is the ultimate end, and “time is money”. You have probably also heard of the double-bottom-line principle. Not only should a company... Continue Reading →

I Would Never…

Jim is a short and smiley man I met in my doctoral program. He grew up in a Christian denomination, and helped lead a camp every summer to train up young men in Boyscout-like fashion. Jim and his colleagues taught... Continue Reading →

Friday Quote

On Tuesday, we discussed whether decisiveness is a core aspect of leadership. Compelling evidence does suggest that leaders have a bias toward action. Consider this quote: “In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right... Continue Reading →

Are Leaders Decisive?

This morning, a young man sat in my office, grappling with his calling as a leader. Isaiah (pseudonym) is naturally gifted as a shepherd, people-pleaser, go-with-the-flow guy. His peers naturally gravitate towards him and look up to him. Yet, he... Continue Reading →

Friday Quote

On Tuesday, we talked about how poverty isn't simply economic, but a holistic lack of understanding about one's identity and purpose. Today, consider this quote from Merton: “Surrender your own poverty and acknowledge your nothingness to the Lord. Whether you... Continue Reading →

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