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Powerless Communication

The research is in. Powerless communication prevails. Yes. You read that correctly. Adam Grant (Give and Take, 2014: 126-154) makes the compelling case that powerful communication (especially in day-to-day interactions) turns out to be far less effective than powerless communication.... Continue Reading →

Humor & Leadership

Kevin Cashman (Leadership From the Inside Out, 2008) surprised me. Tucked deep inside his seminal work on leadership, he tackled a topic I have rarely heard anyone else raise. Quoting Daniel Pink, he writes: "Play is emerging from the shadows... Continue Reading →

Leadership Hoarders

I was 15 years old and still innocent about how life can go sideways at times. My family was invited to dinner at the home of a friend whose wife was quite ill. She suffered from what the Diagnostic and... Continue Reading →

Leaders as Reconcilers

I woke today feeling the weight of the socially and politically charged environment in which we live. Men with guns fire into random crowds. Tweeters rant on social media, shooting back and forth like a Wimbledon match. “Breaking News” explodes... Continue Reading →

In Review

This will be our final post as we head into the summer break. We’ll resume regular posting in August. This past year, we explored a number of important themes for everyday leaders. Here’s a brief recap of some of the... Continue Reading →

Beyond Words and Actions

I've learned that people will forget what you said; people will forget what you did; but people will never forget how you made them feel." (Maya Angelou, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings) Leadership analysts often discuss the importance... Continue Reading →

Clocks & Compasses

When Avon's Executive VP Andrea Jung was passed over for CEO at age 39, her board member Ann Moore, then CEO of Time Inc., gave her some great advice: "Follow your compass and not your clock." Leaders regularly have clocks... Continue Reading →

Leadership or Dictatorship?

"True leadership only exists if people follow when they have the freedom not to." -- Jim Collins, Good to Great and the Social Sectors: 13 Jim Collins, renowned author of two best-sellers (Built to Last and Good to Great), offers... Continue Reading →

Leadership and Love

  Since 2004, the amount of money spent on Valentine’s Day has climbed dramatically (48%). In 2004 Americans spent $12 billion; in 2016 it was near $20 billion. Men outspent women by nearly 100 percent. But are we learning anything... Continue Reading →

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